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Writing Portfolio

Stay tuned for Catherine's writing portfolio! For the moment though ...

Here are comments
Catherine received about the
marketing results of her copywriting projects


A "2.8% Response" on the FIRST Direct Mail Kit Catherine Ever Wrote!

Here's what Nightingale-Conant's Creative Director said about this first project, "Mentored by a Millionaire did fantastic in the mail!! It mailed June 6, 2002 to 65M customers. It is at a 2.8% response (I am thrilled with a 3% response for a $59.95 product -- this is $89.95/$99.95!). It rolled out AGAIN (DEEPER) to an additional 43M on August 5th..."

Three years later, it was still mailing!


Catherine's Very First "Bookalog" was A SUCCESS!

Nightingale-Conant's Creative Director at the time said, "The bookalog is doing GREAT! You did an awesome job! It’s scheduled for a roll in November. Thanks again!"


Catalog Copy a "Runaway #1 Seller..."

Even though this was the first time Catherine had ever written catalog copy ~ the product became a top seller. (She has since worked on several catalog copy opportunities.)

Nightingale-Conant's Creative Director said, "Good News... Dreams Don't Have a Deadline is blowing out of the catalog as our runaway--#1 seller (based on early results)!!"


A "3% Response" for a Product that Helped People Improve their "Credit Score"!   

The Creative Director at Nightingale-Conant said: "7 Steps is still doing phenomenally well...pulling a 3% response rate now!" 


Catherine's Real Estate Sales Kit Went BEYOND BLOCKBUSTER!

An in-house copywriter at Nightingale-Conant shared these results with Catherine, "Your real estate package is the most successful one you've done. Just to give you an idea, your net sales per piece is over $4. You have a blockbuster when you're at $2, assuming average returns."


Catherine's Envelope Copy Worked for a Product that Helped People Find the "Time and Money" to Enjoy the Good Life...

The Creative Director at Nightingale-Conant said: “I tested this kit as a blind outer as well. The outer with the copy is doing better (1.24% vs. 1.1%). It’s projecting high enough of a response to warrant a roll – Congrats!”

Catherine Received a Sales Kit She Wrote for a Spiritual Product, "The Power of Shamanic Healing" in Her Own "Mailbox"!!

It's always exciting to see your own writing arrive in your own mailbox. When Catherine received this sales kit she wrote in her own mailbox, she followed up with Nightingale-Conant's Creative Director. She said: "Yes, this kit continues to mail to a small group of our spiritual buyers. This kit rolled twice after its initial test and you are seeing the first mailing to Canada. Great Job!"

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