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What People Say

about Catherine's

Photography & Writing

"Catherine Cairns-O'Keefe is the best professional photographer in our Muskoka area.

She has an eye for detail and a creative perspective that she utilizes in all of her shots and images.


Catherine has taken many photographs of our guests in our home and on our property for our Muskoka Summer Parties for over five years now.


She would always be the only photographer I would ever use.


Her ideas and creativity of how to assemble a large group from 75 to one subject are amazing.


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“Thank you for being so precise and on top of everything! It’s nice working with organized people.” 

-- C. Merchant, Product Manager, Great Escape Publishing


"We had Catherine on a full-time retainer for almost a year. She's very thorough and does her research. She's great at finding little details that make big differences and she's incredibly organized. I use her often." 

-- L. Allen, Director, Great Escape Publishing

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