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About Photographer & Writer

Catherine Cairns-OKeefe

Catherine and Matt, Creative Couple

Catherine and Matt at the Sudbury Graphic-Con. Catherine had her photo portfolio for people to see. Matt promoted his comic book.

Catherine's copywriting career launched in April 2002 when she received her first project from self-help publishing giant, Nightingale-Conant. Several years later she also started writing for Great Escape Publishing (formerly known as AWAI's Travel Division). It was a copywriting project on photography from Great Escape Publishing that planted the seed that Catherine could get paid for her photos.


She started photography professionally in 2009 while still running her copywriting business. Her success story appears on the AWAI's Wall of Fame.


AWAI is the American Writers and Artists Inc. -- the company that has played a huge role in helping Catherine live a wonderful freelancer's life.


Catherine continues to learn and grow professionally, and is experienced in a variety of writing styles -- writing ebooks, course material, online web copy, direct mail copy, email promotions, editorial, news releases, and more. She is also experienced in taking top quality portraits, wedding photos, editorial photos, stock images, and fine art photos. 

Her mission? To "sprinkle goodness" in our world through the words she writes and photos she takes. 

Contact Catherine

Tel: 1-705-788-4286


On Location Photo Sessions

Catherine is available to photograph at public locations in Burks Falls, Sprucedale and Huntsville, Ontario.

Writing Projects

Please contact Catherine about your writing project and when you'd like it completed. Catherine can then let you know if her schedule can meet your needs. Although she's growing the photo side of her business, she still takes on a limited number of projects each year and loves to help!

Thank you for your message. Catherine will respond soon.

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